Places to Stay When Relocating to Canada

Places to Stay When Relocating to Canada

Moving to a new country can be an exciting yet daunting experience. One of the first things you’ll need to figure out is where you’re going to live. As a newcomer to Canada, you have several options for short-term and long-term accommodations while you get settled. Here is an overview of some of the best places to stay when relocating to Canada.

Short-Term Rentals

When you first arrive in Canada, you may not be ready to commit to a long-term lease. Short-term rentals can provide flexible housing for a few weeks or months as you search for permanent accommodations.

Furnished Apartments

Furnished apartments are a great option for short stays. These apartments come equipped with all the essential furniture, kitchenware, linens, and appliances you’ll need. Many also include amenities like gyms, pools, and WiFi. Furnished apartments are available in cities across Canada through services like SuiteStays, Oakwood, and Vision Apartments. They offer month-to-month leases so you can rent for as long as you need.


Airbnb has listings for short-term rentals ranging from a private room in someone’s home to entire houses and apartments. Airbnb is a good option if you want more of a local neighborhood experience.lengths range from a few nights to a few months. Airbnb is available in most Canadian cities.


Hostels provide budget-friendly accommodation and a built-in community. They’re a great choice if you’re traveling solo. Most hostels have shared dorm-style rooms along with common areas and kitchens. Some hostels, like the HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel, are in unique repurposed buildings. Hostel stays average around $30-$40 per night. Hostelling International, SameSun, and the YMCA are some reputable hostel networks in Canada.

Long-Term Rentals

Once you’re ready to settle in, you’ll want to find more permanent long-term housing. Popular options include:


Renting an apartment or house is common for newcomers to Canada. There are rental units available across the country. Expect to pay a security deposit along with rent.

Major cities like Toronto and Vancouver have competitive rental markets with limited vacancies. Start your search 2-3 months before your move so you have time to find a place. Smaller cities generally have more availability.

Property management companies, online classifieds like Kijiji, and local real estate agents are good resources for finding rentals. It’s important to read your lease carefully and understand your rights as a tenant before signing.


Homeshares provide furnished bedrooms in homes where you share common spaces with the owner or other renters. They’re an affordable way to live with locals and learn about the culture. The average cost is $500-$800 monthly.

Websites like Kangaroom, Casa Oompa, and MyHomePay connect you with available homeshares based on your location, budget and preferences. Homeshares offer flexibility, community and built-in support.

Student Housing

If you’re relocating to Canada as an international student, take advantage of purpose-built student housing. Most colleges and universities offer on-campus dorms and apartments for their students at affordable rates. These residences provide convenient housing close to your classes and campus amenities.

Off-campus student co-op housing is also available in many university towns. Student housing cooperatives like Campus Cooperative Residence and College Housing Co-operative provide affordable, community-oriented housing.

Temporary Accommodations

If you need housing for a very short term upon arrival, here are a few options:


Hotels and motels are the quickest option for short stays of a few nights. They provide private furnished rooms with daily housekeeping. Amenities like pools, fitness centers, restaurants, and lounges are common at hotels.

Corporate Housing

Some companies offer serviced corporate apartments across Canada for business travelers on short-term assignments. These fully furnished units come with amenities, housekeeping, and concierge services. This can be great for temporary stays of a week or two.

Short-Term Home Rentals

Websites like Vacation Rentals By Owner (VRBO) and FlipKey allow homeowners to list their properties for nightly and weekly rentals. You can find furnished homes, apartments, and condos for short stays of a few nights to a few weeks in most cities.

Tips for Your Temporary Housing Search

  • Book temporary accommodations for your first 1-2 weeks to give you time to explore neighborhoods and find permanent housing.
  • Look for a furnished place with flexible lease terms in case you need to extend or break the lease.
  • Opt for accommodations near public transportation so it’s easy to get around during your search.
  • Read reviews of places that interest you to ensure they meet your standards for cleanliness, amenities, etc.
  • Clarify what’s included (utilities, WiFi, parking, etc.) so there are no surprises.
  • Consider extended stay hotel discounts for long-term stays of a week or more.
  • Join local newcomer Facebook groups – members often list short-term rentals.

Finding the right temporary place to stay will make your transition to Canadian life much smoother. With an abundance of short and long-term options across Canada, you’ll be able to find accommodations that fit your needs and get settled in your new home.


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